Scape / 2014
Modular vases - for Oato. Collection

The Scape vases are shaped like little hills that transform flat surfaces into a landscape, which
can be used to hold flowers. We wanted to create a set of object-like vases, that aren't conceived
as empty when they don't have flowers in them.
The hexagon shaped feet make it possible to link them together evoking the user to play around
with the setup and size of the 'landscape'. This gives the vases such an outspoken shape of their
own that the adding of flowers is merely an option.
For the production of Scape we collaborated with Dutch porcelain artisan Frans Ottink. The vases
are designed so they can be linked together through the use of the hexagon foot; this is only
possible when executed perfectly. The name 'Scape' refers to a landscape as the stem or stalk of
the flower.


Design, photography:
Frans Ottink